CA Lab


What is CA Lab?

It is a

interface between LabVIEW™ and EPICS.

This interface uses

to access EPICS variables.

Creating, reading and writing EPICS variables is very simple now. Also user events for EPICS variables can be implemented easily.
EPICS time stamp, status, severity and optional PV fields (properties) are bound into a resulting data cluster. You avoid inconsistent data sets.
It's easy to create an executable of your VI because it doesn't depend on any external service.

CA Lab works with Windows® and Linux.
This interface requires only LabVIEW™.

To use this interface it's not necessary to create any LabVIEW™ project nor to use external services. CA Lab can be used directly.

It is free! No additional licenses are required.

CA Lab is open source and works with all LabVIEW™ versions from 7.0 up to 2015 (32bit/64bit).
It has been tested under Windows XP®, Windows 7®, Windows 8.1® and Ubuntu®14.04 LTS .

Click here for a presentation of CA Lab at EPICS Collaboration Meeting 2013