Many improvements in uniserv-restore.
authorGoetz Pfeiffer <>
local dateFri, 25 Jun 2021 15:38:07
dateFri, 25 Jun 2021 13:38:07
Many improvements in uniserv-restore.

uniserv-restore restores the working copy directory of installed versions of
the uniserv program. This program runs on the motor control devices of the
BESSY undulators.

- The script now uses an rsync-dist configuration file from the "share"
directory in bii_scripts to get the ssh access data for the rsync-dist
- It now has full support of "--verbose" and "--dry-run" options.
- The central repository used to reconstruct the working copy tree is now
hard-coded in the script.
2 file(s) changed:
bin/uniserv-restore +60 -15
share/bii_scripts/rsync-dist/uniserv [added]