iddb: Help now shows known columns, command "listcolumns" was removed.
Warning, cannot access the index:
_darcs/index: opening of '_darcs/index' failed: permission denied (Permission denied)
diff -rN -u old-bii_scripts/bin/iddb new-bii_scripts/bin/iddb
--- old-bii_scripts/bin/iddb 2022-09-28 12:24:35.435564276 +0200
+++ new-bii_scripts/bin/iddb 2022-09-28 12:24:35.439564374 +0200
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
DEFAULT_COLUMNS= ["name", "devicename","key","prefix","application",
# -----------------------------------------------
@@ -491,10 +492,6 @@
heading= print_columns
console_print_table(table, heading)
-def cmd_listcolumns():
- """perform listcolumns command."""
- print(" ".join(sorted(COLUMNS)))
def cmd_paths(db_obj, dbquery, args, rest):
"""perform "paths" command."""
if not rest:
@@ -626,9 +623,6 @@
d[sd_key]= dbquery.id_all(sd_key)
- if rest[0]== "listcolumns":
- cmd_listcolumns()
- return
if rest[0]== "paths":
cmd_paths(dbobj, dbquery, args, rest[1:])
@@ -676,11 +670,10 @@
python pretty-print format.
list [COLUMN [COLUMN...]]
List properties for all insertion devices. If no COLUMN is specified,
- return all known columns (see command 'listcolumns' below).
- If COLUMN is specified, only show the specified columns in the given
- order. Unless option --sort-by is used, sort by the first column.
- listcolumns
- List known column names
+ return the following columns in this order:
+ %(def_columns)s.
+ If columns are specified, only show these in the given order.
+ Unless option --sort-by is used, sort the results by the first column.
Raw StructuredData access (note: most options except "--id" are ignore
for these commands).
@@ -705,7 +698,7 @@
If no command is given, the program performs the "list" command.
+''' % {"def_columns": DEFAULT_COLUMNS_STR}
def script_shortname():
"""return the name of this script without a path component."""
patch 1d2f2aa664d9170bb4e5a4aaaedbb30da45d65b4
Author: Goetz Pfeiffer <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 08:50:22 CET 2021
* iddb: Help now shows known columns, command "listcolumns" was removed