History for path bin/camonitor_sort.pl
8 months ago Goetz.Pfeiffer@helmhol ... camonitor_sort.pl: Support inverse regexp matches.
10 months ago Goetz Pfeiffer All copyright messages were updated.
3 years ago Goetz.Pfeiffer@helmhol ... camonitor_sort.pl now keeps values with identical PV and ...
7 years ago Goetz.Pfeiffer@helmhol ... bii_scipts now uses the GPLv3 license.
13 years ago Goetz.Pfeiffer@helmhol ... extensive changes in the generated documentation
15 years ago pfeiffer The Bessy license was added to all modules and
15 years ago pfeiffer The BESSY license was added to scripts that
15 years ago pfeiffer The html documentation generation was further improved.
16 years ago pfeiffer --rm-tmstamp was added
16 years ago pfeiffer further improvements
16 years ago pfeiffer a new feature (-r option) was added
16 years ago pfeiffer small interface change...
16 years ago pfeiffer sorts the output produced by camonitor according to