TAG R2-7-1
patch ae7347c26b9b59daee3b6a85297274d3e0a903bb
Author: christoph.schroeder@helmholtz-berlin.de
Date: Fri Nov 5 12:18:32 CET 2021
tagged R2-7-1
depend ddbd3a46737065336092b164cb7d78ad6a7902f8
* use mkmf for dependency generation to fix missing enum.h error
depend b85dc452ab4c04de8a97b44163b940a7b5f65225
* update configure and Makefile to current version generated by makeBaseApp
depend da22b548be71e0d3752cb799b55697d1f3c2f06b
* remove obsolete ruces dir
depend 0fb8cbe7bc1d13c83ed598e06e50350a4b8d41f4
* xmStringValueTable is now defined in resourcePalette.c.
depend 180f7c3e28ba3e6885d8b5f0c621f0e441e5eb8f
* Bugfix: An empty enironment variable $USER caused a crash.
depend 1680007f9e288038b4876cb609440b14a9577db4
* TAG R2-7-0