docs: reflect renaming header -> prefix
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- char *fellerGetHeader(struct feller *this)
+ char *fellerGetPrefix(struct feller *this)
Return a (hopefully) unique (but short) string identifying the messages
for this feller. You need to prepend all the messages intended for your
-feller with this string. The header string itself will be removed from the
+feller with this string. The prefix string itself will be removed from the
message before it gets written to the file.
#define fellerPrintf(feller, format, args...)\
- errlogPrintfNoConsole("%s" format, fellerGetHeader(feller), ## args)
+ errlogPrintfNoConsole("%s" format, fellerGetPrefix(feller), ## args)
To actually log a message, you can call any of the standard errlog functions.
This macro is a convenience wrapper for the most common case when you do not
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* docs: reflect renaming header -> prefi