Added some release notes about 2.0.12.
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-The following breifly describes changes to the existing SEQ documentation
-in order to built sequence programs with the EPICS base 3.14 releases.
-New Compiler Option
+Release History for releases that work with EPICS base 3.14.
-+i Code will be generated to automatically register sequence functions
-and state programs. This is the default
+Version 2.0.12 contains the following changes:
--i Do not generate registration code. Only useful on vxWorks to save a small amount of memory.
+Directory dependencies to permit building with the parallel make option -j.
-Compiling and linking a state program under Unix.
+Library dependencies changes to match EPICS Base R3.14.10.
-The exampleApp supplied with base demonstrates how to build sequence programs
-that work with epics databases.
-It also shows how to build a sequence program that runs without databases.
-When you run a standalone sequencer the -s option provides iocsh.
-If the -s option is not given no shell is started.
-For example
- ./sncProgram -s "user=mrkHost"
- epics>
-The iocsh shell provides a help command to see what commands are available.
+Added the routine seqcaStats to src/seq/seq_qry.c
+Cleaned up compiler warnings in src/snc
-test/simple also shows how to build a sequence program that runs
-without databases running in the same process.
-Release History for releases that work with EPICS base 3.14.
Version 2.0.11 contains the following changes:
@@ -36,6 +20,7 @@
CONFIG_SITE file, and moved CONFIG_APP functionality into CONFIG. Also set
CHECK_RELEASE to YES by default in configure/Makefile.
Version 2.0.10 contains the new diagnostic
@@ -43,12 +28,14 @@
This produces report about all the channel access connections from sequence
Version 2.0.9 contains the following changes
seq_connect now initializes assignCount and numMonitoredChans BEFORE connecting
to the PVs. With the previous versions it was possible to signal that everything
was connected and the first monitor received before it actually happened.
Version 2.0.8 contains the following changes
seq_main.c was casting a pointer to an int. On some architectures this caused
@@ -61,17 +48,20 @@
test/simple and test/validate now use EPICS_BASE_IOC_LIBS instead
Version 2.0.7 contains the following changes
A sequence program could wait up to 20 seconds before all PVs connect and
the first monitor occurs for each monitored PV. This could happen even
if all PVs are local. This is now fixed.
Version 2.0.6 contains the following changes.
When looking to see if all PVs have connected it now looks for first monitor coming back as well as all PVs connecting. This prevents the chance of using the
value of a PV before it is given a value.
Version 2.0.5 of the sequencer contains the following changes:
Replaced the C++ static constructor used for command registration with a
@@ -94,6 +84,7 @@
Replaced devSequencer.c with version supplied by Kukhee Kim, SLAC
Version seq-2-0-4 of the sequencer
Changes have been made to follow the R3.14.2 build rules.
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Author: Andrew Johnson <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 00:29:55 CEST 2008
* Added some release notes about 2.0.12