Bugfix: "rsync-dist-info.py -v -b" didnt't print versions no longer in use. default tip

step.py: Fix pv name parser

camonitor_sort.pl: Support inverse regexp matches.

phytronFilterIpPortLog.pl: Shorten message strings, add recoginition of asyn driver failed messages

phytronFilterIpPortLog.pl: bugfixes, show all phyMotion axis status bits

phytronFilterIpPortLog.pl: show camonitor data, translate MSTA bits to strings

repo-mirror.sh: Allow to specify the .hgrc file.

phytronFilterIpPortLog.pl: Fix status output

phytronFilterIpPoerLog.pl: Translate status to readable string

phytronFilterIpPortLog.pl: Fix match condition

(0) -1000 -300 -100 -10 tip