Programming the MV162 Flash Memory for VxWorks

taken from the EPICS Tech-Talk mail exploder

  1. Unpack your new mv162 card.

  2. Insert the mv162BUG rom that is shipped with the board into the socket labeled U47 (it is the only one that can accept it.)

  3. Remove the jumper in J22 that short pins 10 and 11 (the 4th from the front of the board.) [This tells the board to use that ROM you just installed.]

  4. Insert the board into a VME crate and plug the console serial port into your host computer.

  5. Set the serial port rate of your host computer to 9600 bps.

  6. Power it all up.

  7. Download the vxWorks bootrom binary image. This is a file that is built in your vw/config/mv162 directory named bootrom.hex. To do the download you will enter a command on the 162 that readies it for an ascii download, then escape to your local system and upload the file. If you are using tip to connect to your mv162, the proper sequence will end up looking like this:

    162-Bug>lo 0 100000
    ~$Local command? cat <your full path to vxV52>/vw/config/mv162/bootrom.hex
    away for 6 minutes 12 seconds

    What you type is the "lo 0 100000" and press return, then you enter the "~$" and it will ask "Local command?", you then type in what ever it takes to get the file listed and press return. Ex: "cat /<fullpathhere>/vw/config/mv162/bootrom.hex"

    The upload will take a while and (if you use tip) will print how long thing took to complete. As you can see it takes about 6 minutes. After that you be able to press the return key and see the prompt again. If you see anything else... like "Overflow" messages, it did not work properly. You might try a slower baud rate or mess with the flow control options and start over.

  8. When your upload is successful, you simply program the FLASH memory from the now in-core binary image using the following commands:

    162-Bug>pflash 100000 13ffff ffa00000
    Source Starting/Ending Addresses      =00100000/0013FFFF
    Destination Starting/Ending Addresses =FFA00000/FFA3FFFF
    Number of Effective Bytes             =00040000 (&262144)
    Program FLASH Memory (Y/N)? y

    This takes about 20 seconds and should return the prompt when complete. If you don't get the prompt back, something has failed, you should start over.

  9. Power down the mv162 board/crate and reinstall that jumper in J22 to short pins 10 and 11 [tells the 162 to use the FLASH again.] Set jumper J1 to determine the board's status as system controller... short pins 1 & 2 if it is to be the system controller (the syscon LED on the front will come on to let you know.)

    Your mv162 should now boot into the vxWorks startup prompt at 9600 bps the next time it is powered up.

Ralph Lange <>
Last modified: Wed Nov 10 10:52:13 MET 1999