sdo - CANOpen SDO objects for MultiCAN


The sdo protocol implements CANOpen conform sdo objects for MultiCAN.

Device Support

sdo currenty has device support for longin and longout records. The SDO object is specified in the link field ("INP" or "OUT" of the record. These are the properties that have to be specified:

Property Value Meaning
Server-Flag "Server" or "Client" Specifies if the IOC is a SDO server or a client
port an integer the port on the CAN bus card
node an integer the CANOpen node number of the IOC
index an integer the index of the SDO object
subindex an integer the subindex of the SDO object
datasize an integer the size of the data transferred in bytes
conversion-flag "integer" or "raw" specifies if an endianess conversion is done ("integer") or the data is left unchanged ("raw")
timeout an integer the timeout of the SDO object. If no reply is received to an request in that time a MultiCAN timeout error is raised.