EPICS OPC Device Support

Module Owner:
Carsten Winkler Support
Bernhard Kuner Author

This page is the home of the EPICS OPC Device Support module, which provides Device Support for the Windows platform to access variables located on an OPC server.

This site gives access to the software source code, information on other modules which are needed to install and run it, and documentation on the how to include and use it in your EPICS applications. Please email any comments and bug reports to the module owner who is responsible for coordinating development and releases.

Where to Find It

You can download the software directly from the links in the table below:

Module Version EPICS Release Sources Windows Installable Documentation
0-9-beta 3.14.2 win32-x86 opcApp0-9-beta.zip
2.1 3.14.2 win32-x86 OPCIocShellApp.tar OpcApp_2_1.exe readme2.1
2.0.1 3.14.6 win32-x86 included in setup OpcApp_2_BASE_3_14_6.exe readme2.01.html
3.3 3.14.7 win32-x86 included in setup opcIocShell_3_3.exe readme3.3.html
3.5 3.14.8 win32-x86 included in setup opcIocShell_3_5.exe readme3.5.html
3.5i_4_9 3.14.8 win32-x86 included in setup opcIocShell_3_5_4_9.exe readme3.5.html
3.6 3.14.9 win32-x86 included in setup opcIocShell_3_6_0_1.exe readme3.6.html 3.14.12 win32-x86 included in setup opcIocShell_3_8_0_0.exe readme3.8.html win32-x86 included in setup opcIocShell_3_8_0_1.exe readme3.8.0.1.html

C:\Program Files (x86)\HZB\OpcIocShell\demo\startDemo.cmd (replacement for Windows 7) win32-x86 send me an email opcIocShell_4_1_0_2.exe readme4.1.0.2.html win32-x86 send me an email opcIocShell_4_1_0_4.exe readme4.1.0.4.html win32-x86 send me an email opcModbusIocShell_4_2_0_1.exe Change Log

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