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Two variants of GPIB support for EPICS are available at this site:

-- GPIB Generic GPIB driver and device support for EPICS

This is the new generic GPIB support. Only the generic driver, the common device support library and the driver for the HPE2050A are tested and stable. The other low-level drivers are still in alpha status. This is now the official GPIB support for EPICS release 3.13. For 3.14 you can get a slightly different but compatible version from the APS site.

-- LanGPIB Driver Support for HP E2050A LAN-GPIB Gateway & Generic GPIB Device Support

This is the old version. It supports only one sort of GPIB controller, the HP E2050A LAN-GPIB gateway. It is fairly stable and runs reliable at a number of sites around the world. On the other hand, it is not possible to use this version together with drivers for other GPIB controllers.

There will be no more major releases of this product, since the general GPIB support above supports the HPE2050A as well as other controllers. Requests for new features will not be accepted and further development is reduced to bug-fixes only.

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