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This page provides access to the P_SERVER software

You will find

-- Prerequisites for running P_SERVER

Collaboration Agreement:
P_SERVER is not an integral part of EPICS. In order to use it, your institution will have to sign a contract of collaboration with BESSY. (Which looks a lot like the EPICS contract.) Please contact Joachim Rahn for further details.
Target System:
P_SERVER runs on the i386EX embedded controller board manufactured by FS-Forth Systeme (Breisach, Germany). It controls up to nine ADA16(14)-IO8 or IO32 cards manufactured by EuKontroll (Berlin, Germany) and supports single card operation as well as ISA96 based systems.
Host System:
P_SERVER is designed to be used with the MultiCAN communication package developed at BESSY. Additionally the P_SERVER shares the protocol implementation code. As MultiCAN uses a subset of the CAL layer 7 protocol, operating the P_SERVER with other control systems should be possible.

-- Downloading the latest versions

Revision 2.83ps (1MBit/s) (02 Apr 2004; 385KB zip archive): P_SERVER sources

-- Older versions and patches

Available revisions:
2.41ps (1MBit/s)
2.43ps (1MBit/s)
2.51ps (1MBit/s)
2.60ps (1MBit/s)
2.74ps (1MBit/s)
2.81ps (1MBit/s)

-- Release Notes

2.41 -> 2.43
Added variables to disable the ADA16 in- and outputs.
2.43 -> 2.51
Supports dCANal protocol to download arbitrary length data. Sends warm-/coldboot info on startup.
2.51 -> 2.60
Bugfix: uses new revision of bessy_io.lib. Older versions could cause I/O-read errors of ADA16-registers.
2.60 -> 2.74
Bugfixes, ADA2x16 support, new RS232 commands.
2.74 -> 2.81
Bugfixes, IO32_2 support.
2.81 -> 2.83
Added cyclic readback of digital output ports.

-- Additional information


Mailing list for announcements

Is still to be set up. Contact Ralph Lange to increase this task's priority.

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