Known Problems

Known Problems in Release 2.2.7

  • building the examples fails on MacOS due to recent build fixes for Windows =:|

    The repo has a patch to fix that.

Known Problems in Release 2.2.6

  • pvGet fails if the array size declared in SNL is greater than the native array size of the PV, whereas monitoring with that setup works.
  • The examples/demo doesn’t work with base >+ 3.15 due to a missing entry in the dbd file.

Known Problems in Release 2.2.5

  • While building against base 7.x succeeds there are lots of deprecation warnings and most of the tests are not run due to an incomplete definition of the EPICS_HAS_UNIT_TEST make variable.

Known Problems in Release 2.2.4

  • Building fails with Visual Studio 2010 due to a C99-ism (mixed declarations and code) that was introduced when upgrading the lemon parser template.

  • Parallel building can fail when using gcc to generate dependency information. The solution is to use the EPICS tool instead by placing a line


    in the config section of src/snc/Makefile.

  • On Windows, make clean fails inside the documentation directory. The fix is to replace rm -rf with $(RMDIR) in documentation/Makefile.

Known Problems in Release 2.2.3

  • Certain versions of Windows don’t like relative paths with forward slashes for commands whose result gets redirected to a file. This leads to errors when building against base-3.15 which has deprecated the PATH_FILTER function (which converts forward to backward slashes). The solution is to define LEMON=$(abspath $(INSTALL_HOST_BIN)/lemon$(HOSTEXE)) in src/snc/Makefile.

Known Problems in Release 2.2.2

  • Attempting to issue a DEFAULT pvPut when an ASYNC put is already pending on the same variable leads to an assertion failure.

Known Problems in Release 2.2.1

  • In test/validate, has the same program name as, leading to build errors when cross-compiling to VxWorks or RTEMS, where all tests get linked into a single library. This can be fixed by changing the program name in to “pvAssignStressTest”.
  • A previous bugfix in the pvAssign builtin introduced a regression, that can lead to assertion failures.
  • A wrong assertion in the CA event handler may be triggered when connection to a PV is lost in the middle of a pending get request.
  • When exiting from a program, deadlock is possible when a pending callback is active when the program shuts down.
  • Tests fail in tests/compiler if the build host has an ancient version of Test::More that does not support subtest. This happens e.g. on RHEL 6.6.
  • Dependency generation in src/snc is broken if compiled against base-3.15 due to a bug in the Makefile (and one in base).
  • Building static libraries fails due to wrong order of dependent libraries in two Makefiles.
  • Building on Windows can fail due to missing epicsShare stuff in seq_snc.h.