EPICS Meeting Spring '02 - Agenda

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-- Agenda / Presentations, May 21-24, BESSY, Berlin

For proposals, suggestions, criticism and insults please contact Bob Dalesio or the local organizers (epics02@mail.bessy.de).

NOTE: We replaced the Symbol '@' with '_at_' in all email addresses to prevent spammers from automatically extracting valid addresses from these web pages. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday May 21st: Working Groups  

Please note: the working group meetings address the core activists in these fields and those considering to offer additional man-power to get specific aspects completed. They are meant to elaborate on further development steps and work break up. They don't have a tutorial character. Status reports and summaries will be presented during the following general meeting.

To ensure the efficiency of especially the core workshop we are trying to limit the participation to people that are immediately and actively developing parts of the EPICS core. We appreciate your understanding.

  Archiving: (Room 3147, Building 14.51, Ground Floor)  
9:00 17:00
Summary, Status                        Thomas Birke, Ron Chestnut,
        - Toolkit components           Kay Kasemir, Chris Larrieu, 
        - Review of functions          et al.
Directions to go
        - Data store
        - Data collection, retrieval 
        - Viewing, export methods
        - Archive management
  EPICS Core: (Room 3365, Building 14.51, Second Floor) Meeting Notes ( pdf, doc)
9:00 17:00
3.15 issues                            Stephanie Allison, Bob Dalesio,
     - new link fields                 Kazuro Furukawa, Jeff Hill,
     - other database monitor options  Andrew Johnson, Timo Korhonen,
     - record types for array support  Marty Kraimer, Ralph Lange
     - timestamp issues
3.15 - or later?
     - channel access - data object
     - progress replacing GDD
     - plans to proceed

Wednesday May 22nd: Meeting (Room 3147, Building 14.51, Ground Floor)
09:00 3 min Welcome, Opening --- Wolfgang Eberhardt (BESSY)
Status / Projects:
09:05 10 min SLAC Accelerator Projects/EPICS Applications: LCLS, NLC, PEP II pdf, ppt Ron Chestnut (SLAC)
09:17 10 min Jaeri-KEK Joint Project pdf Kazuro Furukawa (KEK)
09:29 10 min Progress Report on DIAMOND Light Source pdf, ppt Mark Heron (SRS)
09:41 10 min Status of the Spanish Light Source LLS pdf, ppt David Beltran (LLS)
09:53 10 min Status of the SESAME Project pdf, ppt Ahed AlAdwan (SESAME)
10:05 10 min Status of the CLS Project - Control System Status pdf, ppt Elder Matias (CLS)
10:17 10 min The BESSY FEL pdf, ppt Roland Müller (BESSY)
10:30 30 min COFFEE
Console Applications / Daemons:
11:00 20 min JoiMint: Status/Presentation pdf, ppt Matthias Clausen (DESY)
11:25 15 min EDM: Status, Experiences, Plans pdf, ppt Ernest Williams (SNS/ORNL)
11:45 15 min Abeans: Java Applications and Framework pdf, ppt Mark Plesko (IJS)
12:05 20 min CAArchiver Update, CAManager, ORACLE pdf, ppt Thomas Birke (BESSY)
12:30 20 min Jefferson Lab's New Archiving System pdf, ppt Chris Larrieu (JLab)
12:55 12 min CAArchiver using Oracle pdf, ppt Ron Chestnut (SLAC)
12:10 7 min Summary of the Archiver Workshop pdf, ppt Ron Chestnut (SLAC)
13:20 55 min LUNCH
14:15 12 min Alarm Handler/Channel Watcher pdf, ppt Stephanie Allison (SLAC)
14:30 12 min Elog/NEWTS: Trouble Reporting, Time Accounting pdf, ppt Chris Larrieu (JLab)
Connectivity / Protocols:
14:45 12 min OPC Interface for EPICS pdf, ppt Kay Kasemir (LANL)
15:00 12 min CA Proxy Gateway Update pdf, ppt Ralph Lange (BESSY)
15:15 12 min PIOC: Proxy IOC Server + CA Nameserver Update pdf, ppt Chris Larrieu (JLab)
15:30 12 min CIOC: CAN based FeedForward/Interlock Master pdf Goetz Pfeiffer (BESSY)
15:45 20 min COFFEE
Toolbox Entries / Development Support:
16:05 12 min MATLAB / EPICS under Linux (+ large array support) pdf, ppt Ernest Williams (SNS/ORNL)
16:20 12 min Use of Labview as a front end to EPICS pdf, ppt Kay Kasemir (LANL)
16:35 10 min Status of the Sequencer pdf, ppt Ron Chestnut (SLAC)
16:48 10 min Bumpless Reboot Facilities pdf, ppt Bob Dalesio (LANL)
17:00 12 min Configuration Modules: RDBMS, Naming pdf, ppt Roland Müller (BESSY)
17:15 12 min Maintenance Frontend to RDBMS at BESSY pdf Patrick Laux (BESSY)
17:30 12 min VDCT: Status, Plans pdf, ppt Rok Sabjan (IJS)
19:30 - DINNER

Thursday May 23rd: Meeting (Room 3147, Building 14.51, Ground Floor)
8:30 - Coffee + Danish
Beamline Applications:
09:00 12 min Controls Inventory at BESSY Beamlines pdf Dietmar Herrendörfer (BESSY)
09:15 45 min EPICS at APS beamlines pdf, ppt Tim Mooney (APS)
10:15 20 min EPICS controlled beamlines at SLS Juraj Krempasky (SLS)
10:40 30 min COFFEE
11:10 12 min Photon Beam Diagnostics at BESSY pdf Karsten Holldack (BESSY)
11:25 12 min Scanning undulators at SLS Juraj Krempasky (SLS)
11:40 12 min Scanning Facility on Powder Diffractometer at SLS pdf David Maden (SLS)
11:55 12 min Helical Undulator Control at SLS pdf Timo Korhonen (SLS)
12:10 12 min Control of BESSY Front-ends pdf, ppt Roland Fleischhauer (BESSY)
Toolbox Entries / Development Support: (continued)
12:25 12 min GTR (Generic Transient Recorder) pdf, ppt Marty Kraimer (APS)
12:40 15 min Experiences with RTEMS pdf Till Straumann (SLAC)
13:00 15 min EPICS as a front-end on LINUX pdf, ppt Marty Kraimer (APS)
13:20 55 min LUNCH
14:15 12 min PC104 Board: Linux based IOC pdf, ppt Chris Larrieu (JLab)
14:30 12 min Cross-compiler work for vxWorks objects running Linux pdf, ppt Dave Thompson (SNS/ORNL)
14:45 12 min Enhancement to IOCSH - a C expression interpreter pdf Till Straumann (SLAC)
15:00 12 min pciRecord support pdf, ppt Dave Thompson (SNS/ORNL)
15:15 12 min Monitor Issues for SNS pdf, ppt Bob Dalesio (LANL)
15:30 30 min COFFEE
16:00 12 min Kinetics VXI PPC Slot 0 Controller pdf, ppt Kristi Luchini (SLAC)
16:15 12 min Serial interface support for DIAMOND pdf, ppt Pete Owens (SRS)
16:30 12 min CA Enhancements pdf, ppt Jeff Hill (LANL)
16:45 12 min Data Access Plans --- Ralph Lange (BESSY)
17:00 12 min EPICS Licensing pdf, ppt Andrew Johnson (APS)
17:15 12 min 3.14: Changes pdf, ppt Marty Kraimer (APS)
17:30 12 min Portable Resource Management pdf Till Straumann (SLAC)

Friday May 24th: Optional (Meeting Place: Entrance Hall, Building 14.51, Ground Floor)
9:30 - Tour of the Site

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