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-- Transportation - How to get around

George W. Bush will visit Berlin during the week of the EPICS meeting. The delegation's movements, the demonstrations that have been announced, and the clashes and streetfights that probably will take place provide for an unpredictable traffic situation with some possible surprises.

We strongly suggest using public transport, especially the S- and U-Bahn trains, as they will be the only means of transportation that does not depend on the situation on the streets.

Buses, Trams and Trains

Berlin's public transport companies BVG and S-Bahn provide a dense net of bus, tram, underground (U-Bahn) and train (S-Bahn) connections that will get you almost anywhere within a reasonable amount of time. Use their online schedule to check for (and print) connections.

Trains and buses will operate regularily until about 0:30 (12:30 am). There is a reasonable night bus net with connections every 30 minutes - some train connections run all (weekend!) night through.

You will need a ticket for tariff zone AB to get anywhere within the city limits (including the BESSY II site in Adlershof). Trips to the suburbs (including Potsdam) will need a ticket for zone C, i.e. either an ABC ticket or an AB ticket plus extension (one extension ticket necessary for each trip within/into/from zone C).

You may buy regular tickets from vending machines at every underground and S-Bahn station. There are vending machines at Tegel airport, also. These machines will take € coins and (small) bills, but no credit or ec cards. Appropriate tickets (depending on the length of your stay and your plans) are:

Ticket Type Lasts (after validation) Zone Fare
Standard Ticket 2 hours AB
€ 2.10
€ 2.40
Day Ticket Until 3 am. next day AB
€ 6.10
€ 6.30
7-Day-Ticket Until midnight on the 7th calendar day AB
€ 22.00
€ 28.00
Extension Ticket 2 hours   € 1.30
Welcome Card
+ includes discounts for museums etc.
+ includes taking a bike on the U- and S-Bahn
72 hours ABC € 18.00

Note: The Welcome Card is only available at ticket counters, not from vending machines. At Tegel airport you find the ticket counter (which is a bit hidden) in the main hall: follow the signs to "Service Center" and "BVG" that lead from the main hall towards the inside of the airport octogon.


There are lots of taxis available at any time of day or night. The tariff is: € 2.50 base fare plus € 1.53 per km (1st to 7th km) resp. € 1.02 per km (8th km and more). Some examples:

Trip Approx. Fare
Tegel Airport to ibis hotel € 17
Tegel Airport to Dorint hotel (BESSY site) € 35
ibis hotel to BESSY site € 25

Bike Rental

If you're not afraid of riding a bike in a city, this is a great option. There's no really steep hills, a lot of bike riders, car drivers are used to them and usually don't act too rude, but Berlin - probably like any big city - needs an alert biker.

Also the combination with the Welcome Card ticket is perfect for exploring Potsdam with its castles and gardens. You can take the bike on the S-Bahn train right into Potsdam city and start your tour there. There's a couple of bike rental shops in the city. The "fahrradstation" inside the S-Bahn station Friedrichstrasse (2 stops from Alexanderplatz) is very conveniently located and open every day (two other branches are around the corner and have usual opening hours). Rates are € 10 to € 25 for a day (12 hours) and € 25 to € 65 for a weekend depending on the bike category. They also might want a deposit. Their reservation page is in German, but clearly shows addresses, phone numbers and opening hours.

Car Rental

We would not suggest renting a car for Berlin. The city is large, rush hour traffic is a mess, city parking is few and somewhat expensive. Public transport will get you around perfectly - often faster and always easier on your nerves.

If you insist: All the large brands are located at the airport.

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