European Epics Meeting '98 - Agenda and Presentations

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Monday Nov. 30th 
  Training: (Building 14.51, 2nd Floor) 
9:00 - EPICS Overview (PS/letter, PS/A4) R. Lange (BESSY)
Database Tutorial (PS/letter, PS/A4) R. Lange (BESSY)
Use of a relational database T. Birke (BESSY)
Adding record/device support S. Lewis (LBL)
Application experience: (Newton Kabinett, Building 12.2)
14:00 20min Jefferson Lab - state of the control system K. White (JLAB)
14:20 30min Plans for the SLS S. Hunt (SLS)
14:40 20min APS - state of control system M. Kraimer (ANL)
15:10 30min BESSY Machine Commissioning R. Müller (BESSY)
15:40 40min COFFEE
16:20 30min Next Linear Collider - Control System Challenges R. Chestnut
(for H. Shoaee)
16:50 20min Insertion Device Control G. Pfeiffer (BESSY)
17:10 20min SLS Vacuum and Alignment control W. Portmann (SLS)
17:30 15min BESSY Beamline Control R. Follath (BESSY)

Tuesday Dec. 1st (Newton Kabinett, Building 12.2)
8:30 - Coffee + Danish
Application experience: (continued)
9:00 20min APS Beamline Control T. Mooney (APS)
9:20 20min Metrology at a Light Source T. Straumann (PTB)
9:40 15min Lessons learned integrating systems from other sources B. Dalesio (LANL)
9:55 20min Software Engineering Practices for Reliable Systems K. White (JLAB)
10:15 20min DESY - Secure IOC / Reliability M. Clausen (DESY)
10:35 30min COFFEE
Relational Database Use
11:05 20min Reference Repository T. Birke (BESSY)
11:25 15min LEDA project B. Dalesio (LANL)
11:40 20min Commercial Databases, EPICS and the NLC B. Sass (SLAC)
Applications on the IOC
12:00 20min ca_put log server / BURT save / warm reboot M. Clausen (DESY)
12:20 20min (non-DSP) fast and precise BPM system R. Bakker (BESSY)
12:40 80min LUNCH
14:00 20min Synchrotron radiation monitors K. Holldack (BESSY)
14:20 20min Troubleshooting IOC applicationsR. Dickson (JLab)
Tools Update:
14:40 25min Application environments - makeBaseAppR. Lange (BESSY)
15:05 20min Application environments S. Schaffner (JLAB)
15:25 30min COFFEE
15:55 20min MEDM plans T. Birke (BESSY)
16:15 15min CA Gateway Update R. Lange (BESSY)
16:30 15min Save/Restore/Compare T. Birke (BESSY)
16:45 20min SDDS Archiver R. Bakker (BESSY)
17:05 15min Channel Archiver B. Dalesio (LANL)
17:20 15min Save set archiver B. Dalesio (LANL)
20:00 - Opportunity for Common Dinner

Wednesday Dec. 2nd (Newton Kabinett, Building 12.2)
8:30 - Coffee + Danish
Tools Update: (continued)
9:00 20min Automator - Integrated tool proposal D. Bryan (JLab)
Physics Tools:
9:20 20min Modelling tools R. Müller (BESSY)
Drivers / Hardware:
9:40 20min Replacement for Hideos M. Kraimer (ANL)
10:00 15min GPIB Update B. Franksen (BESSY)
10:15 15min CAN Bus Update B. Franksen (BESSY)
10:30 30min COFFEE
11:00 10min Modbus/Metasys Interface B. Dalesio (LANL)
11:10 10min Industry Pac B. Dalesio (LANL)
11:20 20min changes to database planned M. Kraimer (ANL)
11:40 20min channel access beginning work B. Dalesio
(for J Hill)
12:00 10min SNS - some architecture choices for 2005 (PS/letter, PS/A4, pdf) S. Lewis (LBL)
12:10 80min LUNCH
13:30 90min Predictions, Opinions, Visions:
Controls Technology for 2005
S. Lewis
14:00 - Tour of the Site - (BESSY)

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